Arance Tarocco

Arancia Rossa Tarocco Biologica

All Tarocco fruit are of large calibre, have a spherical shape tending towards the ovoid.

This variety may present the so called prominent collar or snout. The colour of the rind is yellow-orange and may redden over half its surface.The flesh, without pips, is yellow-orange with red pigmentation, more or less intense according to the time of gathering and the clone.

The taste perception of this moderately juicy is of an excellent flavour.

Blood oranges are well known and appreciated for their vitamin C content and o f anthocyanin, but these super-fruit also contain many other beneficial substances. There are 14 different vitamins and 67 mineral salts, amino acids, enzymes flavonoids and many other nutritional substances. The albedo cointans a high percentage of fibre. This part isn't discared, and it's very valuable and can be eaten.

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