The organic lemons are certified fruit and completely natural. They are noted for the method of cultivation which requires many more resources and time. They fruit in uncontaminated lemon groves in which only organic fertilisers are used and in which the use of synthetic products, weed control and anti-parasitic treatments are prohibited. In organic farming, the defences are with other predators, insects and plant extracts as well as oils, allowed by the organic regulations. Another distinctive element of the organic lemon is the natural ripening times with regard to harvesting.
Nothing is discarded of the organic lemon; even the rind is edible and therefore it can be used in the kitchen or eaten without concerns. Organic lemons are not subject to treatments to promote growth or to shine the rind.
This means that one can count on a fruit of which it is possible to eat all its parts, not just the flesh, but also the rind which keeps all the nutritional principles which characterize it. The lemon has many beneficial and curative properties, be that in its juice or in the rind. Using untreated lemons means being able to enjoy all the advantages that the rind offers, not only in the kitchen, but also for taking care of the body and to improve its general condition. First of all, the rind is the only part of the lemon which contains vitamin A, which contributes the wellbeing of the retina and so sight. It favours bone growth and intervenes in embryonic development and in cells generally. Furthermore, it is rich in essential oils, such as limonene, which if used directly on the skin, has a disinfectant effect. Lastly, it contains flavonoids, known for their anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory powers.

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