Arancia Rossa Moro

The fruit is of medium calibre and presents with spherical shape tending towards the ovoid. Its rind is orange with hints of wine-red; the flesh, without pips, is enterely dark red, especially on ripening. The colour of the juiceis sanguine due to the presence of a greater quantity of anthocyanin in the flesh compared with others varieties.

Blood oranges are well known and appreciated for their vitamin C content and o f anthocyanin, but these super-fruit also contain many other beneficial substances . There are 14 different vitamins and 67 mineral salts, amino acids, enzymes flavonoids and many other nutritional substances. The albedo cointans a high percentage of fibre. This part isn't discared, and it's very valuable and can be eaten.

Ciascuna spedizione è di 28 kg di arance ed è possibile scegliere fra i diversi calibri.

  • Calibro grande (cal.2,3,4,5. peso di ciascuna arancia da g. 180 in su).
  • Calibro medio (cal.6,7,8. di ciascuna arancia peso da g. 150 a 180) .
  • Calibro piccolo (cal.9,10. di ciascuna arancia peso da g. 120 a 150) .

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